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What Makes Our Gutter Guards Different?

If we said our Gutter Guards were the best, anyone else with a gutter guard would likely say the same thing. So why waste your time with claims like that?


But we will share our Gutter Guards are seriously different. Fill out the form for a free estimate to discover more or keep reading.

Hate Cleaning Gutters? Read This...

Have you heard the story of the proud fisherman who was trying to impress a couple of guides with his angling skills?


“I had a big marlin on the line,” he was explaining, “When along came an enormous shark, opened his mouth and just swallowed that marlin whole.  Did I have a time landing that shark!”


“Hmm!” Grunted one of the guides, in disbelief,” Where I come from, we bait with sharks!”


No matter how strong one makes their story, there is always someone ready to top it.


If we told you our Gutter Guards were the best on the market, one of our competitors would make the same claim.


So, we will only say that our Gutter Guards are different than the other guys.  


To begin with, ours have our patented copper technology that instantly attacks oils and organisms that flow from your roof in a toxic sludge every time it rains. Plus, our engineers designed them to pull water in and keep the small stuff out; our micromesh features hydro vortex action’s incredible siphoning properties.


Lastly, we add strategically placed touchpoints under the filter so that it self-cleans.  That means you’re done cleaning gutters forever.


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Why MasterShield? 

  • An Unmatched No-Clog Warranty

  • Copper & Stainless Steel Filtration

  • Filtration With Patented Self-Cleaning Properties

  • Protects Your Home From Water Damage

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