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New Multi Patent Pending

Copper Interlaced Technology™


Destroys Moss, Lichen & Algae

Thins Roof Oils

Kills Bacteria

ASTM B117-16 Certified

Make More Money With Fewer Callbacks

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    Exclusive territories for those who qualify.


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  • Ongoing R&D

    We never stop refining, testing and trying out new ideas to solve gutter and home exterior water management issues.

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    Close more business with a multi patent pending product that's clearly better.


    If you can SEE the difference you can SELL the difference.



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    Happy customers means you won't get "The Call".  Sell a product that does what it says it will do and that homeowner's happy to buy from you again.


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A Partner That's Got Your Back

MMGG is about effective gutter guard engineering – creating new technologies and products which contain unique features that perform better and solve real world gutter problems.


Our journey to redefine the gutter guard industry started with Alex Higginbotham in 2001 with his invention of the micromesh gutter guard, now the top selling dealer-installed technology in North America. His advancements helped us to challenge common misconceptions about how gutter guards best collect water, effectively keep out debris and how organic organisms and roof oils harm all gutter guard designs.


It’s why we’ve introduced intelligent moss and oil control into our gutter guard.

What Leads to "The Call"

No one wants to get call backs for situations like this, but if you sell gutter guards, you'll get "The Call".


When your team sells or installs a gutter guard do they ever consider the environment/roof and how it's going to play a role in the performance of the system over time?  Probably not... 

Why most gutter guards fail,

and what to do about it.


What’s the biggest problem with gutter guards? Most systems require service, often within three years. That’s aggravating for the homeowner, and potentially expensive for the installer.


Gutter guards fail for two primary reasons:

  1. They are poorly designed and unlikely to ever work effectively, even under the best of circumstances;

  2. They work reasonably well at first, but their performance deteriorates over time under real world conditions.

Gutter guards that have gaps or openings of any kind will let in debris, eventually clogging the interior of a gutter. The only way to avoid this is to completely enclose the gutter in a fine screen that keeps out all the debris – micromesh gutter guards.


Debris is not the only performance risk, however. The oils that leach from asphalt shingles can mix with silt, dirt and grit and coat the screens of poorly designed gutter guards from curves to cheap micromesh designs, causing them to clog. Then there’s the silent gutter guard killers: moss, lichen and algae. Combine shade with the moist environment of a gutter and you've provided a perfect opportunity for organisms to multiply and clog gutter guards.


What can you do about this?

Utilize the latest in gutter guard technology to provide your customers with the most effective solutions to their home maintenance challenges.


MasterShield® Gutter Protection has been the gold standard since its introduction in 2005. It’s unique HydroVortex® Action's self-cleaning technology keeps the filter clear of the roof oils that clog other systems.


We’ve made the best even better!

Introducing MasterShield with Copper Interlaced Technology™! We’ve woven copper threads throughout the micromesh screen in another ground-breaking approach to gutter filtration. It’s the only solution to the problem of moss-impacted gutter guards. There’s never been anything like this before!


Only MasterShield has the latest technology

 that stops gutter guards from failing.

MMGG's Interlaced Technology is patent pending. 

All pending patent applications have been insured by IPISC.

Why the Game Changes With Copper in the Filter

Kills Moss, Lichen

& Algae

You can't see it until the damage is done.


We’ve designed moss, algae and lichen control from pure copper in our micromesh to prevent organic growth and ensure it can’t clog our filter.

Thins Asphalt

Shingle Oils

Copper: A natural oil thinner


We’ve designed roof oil control from pure copper in our micromesh to thin asphalt oils and improve the self cleaning properties already found in MasterShield.



Copper kills bacteria

With copper in MasterShield, you'll be less worried when a pet drinks from a downspout and, if you combine it with a rainwater harvesting system, you'll collect cleaner water right from the start.

Compatible With Stainless Steel

ASTM B117-16 Certified

Successfully field tested for more than four years under the harshest conditions, we then subjected MasterShield to the ASTM B117-16 rigorous 1,000 hour salt spray test and met their certification standards.


Testing by:



Dealer Testimonials

MGP works closely with its dealers.  Here's just a few comments they've shared about working with us.

Kevin B

I started my career selling a curved system when curves were the "best".


I was an early adopter of MasterShield.  When I first got started, I put out two water displays at a home show, one with each system on it.  No one went to the one with the curve, they were all drawn to MasterShield. People were grabbing their spouses to come see it. I can't tell you how often I heard "Now this makes sense!"


That was more than 10 years ago and while there are other micromesh designs now, I've stuck with MasterShield.  I'm based in the South and deal with pine, pollen, humidity and heavy rains.  I've watched as other people start up companies with other micromesh products and wind up out of business from the service calls.  


This new filter's something easy to see and explain. We're going to get people saying "Now this makes sense" yet again!

Jim S

Gutter guards can be a blessing to your business and they can be a curse. I’ve been in this business since 2007 and since that time we have tried/installed pretty much everything because everyone says they have God’s gift to gutters – so why not try it out? 


Everyone makes claims and no one can really back them up. We know it and most consumers can sniff this out, too.


MasterShield is a product we can count on because what we have seen is this: it’s been installed in our market since 2006. We took it over in 2012.  Since 2012 we have installed thousands of jobs and had no product failure warranty claims. None. All service calls have been because someone messed up.


You couldn’t ask for a better system to build your business around. The other products we’ve tried? We’ve swapped them out to MasterShield. 


Matt C

 I just wanted to thank you and the team for such an easy transition to MasterShield.


After diligent research of the MasterShield product my team and I have decided to become dealers of this product. I didn’t receive any support from ***** Gutter Guards, certainly nothing like this!

Plus MasterShield products are 10 times better and much easier to customize on our clients homes. I look forward to a long relationship and being top dog dealer for you guys.


Keep up the great work and most importantly, thank you for the honesty!


These leads are amazing!!!!!







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